Weighbridge Rubber

Weighbridge Rubber  


Weighbridge rubber is manufactured from a durable 70° EPDM rubber and has been designed to sit into the gap around the outside of the weighbridge. The top section of the weighbridge rubber creates a cover over the gap which helps keep out dirt, product and grit which can potentially cause mechanical problems. The following are our standard profiles. Please quote our product code upon enquiry.

Most Popular Weighbridge Rubber Profiles

WB70X72EXT (3m length) WB110X110EXT (3m length)  
WB70X72EXT Weighbridge Rubber WB110X110EXT Weighbridge Rubber  

Other Weighbridge Rubber Profiles Available

WB110X105EXT Weighbridge Rubber  


Please note: WB110X105EXT is not supplied as standard and may be subject to lead times.

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