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Brewery Door Seals Tank Door / Man Way Seals



Brewery door seals can be offered by PAR Group to suit almost all sizes and specification. They are commonly used to seal tank doors in the brewing, beverage and dairy industries.

Applications: Door seals for silos and tank to provide sealing for products such as sugar, flour, oils, chemicals and beverages.



White food quality (as standard), neoprene, nitrile, EPDM, white food quality EPDM, silicone and Viton® are available upon request

Profiles: Standard profiles below.
Bespoke seals can be manufactured to drawings or samples supplied.

Standard Brewery Door Seals Available

PAR1345 PAR100 PAR1345A
PAR1345 Dimensional Drawings PAR100 Dimensional Drawing PAR1345A Dimensional Drawing
PAR21 PAR2413 PAR3621
PAR21 Dimensional Drawing PAR2413 Dimensional Drawing PAR3621 Dimensional Drawing
PAR5989 PAR6078 PAR6202
PAR5989 Dimensional Drawing PAR6078 Dimensional Drawing PAR6202 Dimensional Drawing
PAR7 PAR7680 PAR7868
PAR7 Dimensional Drawing PAR7680 Dimensional Drawing PAR7868 Dimensional Drawing
PAR8 PAR8034 PAR5431 Skinned
PAR8 Dimensional Drawing PAR8034 Dimensional Drawing PAR5431 Skinned Dimensional Drawing
PAR9895 Skinned PAR5431OV Skinned  
PAR9895 Skinned Dimensional Drawing PAR5431OV Skinned Brewery Door Seal  
Cement Lid Ring Profile
(Silicone only)
Milk Lid Ring Profile
(Silicone only)
Cement Lid Rings Dimensional Drawings Milk Lid Rings Dimensional Drawings  

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet - White Food Quality EPDM

Food Contact Information - White Food Quality EPDM

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