Turnover Stoppers

Turnover Stoppers

Turnover stoppers create a very effective double seal for narrow aperture containers. External serrations make an excellent internal seal, with the flexible turnover sleeve creating a secure seal on the container's outer neck. Turnover stoppers are manufactured from platinum-cured silicone rubber and are available from stock in three primary colours (red, cream, or clear). Others are available upon request. 

They maintain standard silicone's excellent ozone, electrical and temperature properties, have no smell or taste, and will not yellow over time. This form of silicone has a higher tear strength with less vulnerability to splitting or mechanical damage.


Size (mm) Plug Diameter (mm)
9 6.5
13 8
17 9.5
21 11
25 12.5
29 14
33 16
37 17.5
41 19
45 20.5
49 22
53 24
57 25.5

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