Sponge Gaskets

Sponge Gaskets

Sponge gaskets can be manufactured from various grades of sponge and foam materials held in stock. Closed cell sponges have no connecting cavities, making them ideal for applications where water exclusion and sound and gas retention are important. Open cell sponge has connecting cavities which make the sponge more compressible.


Gaskets for moisture, dust, powder, air and gas retention.


Roll Size: Various, depending on sponge type.
Thickness: Various, depending on sponge type.
Gaskets: CNC cut to almost any shape or profile required.
Material: Please see our full range of sponge sheeting.
Examples of our work:
50mm Thick Sponge Gasket
50mm Thick Sponge Gasket
Polyethylene Foam Seal
Polyethylene Foam

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