How to Measure a Gasket

Please see the information below on how to measure a gasket.

Flange Gaskets

How to Measure a Gasket

The PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter)

The PCD is the measurement between the centres of opposite holes. This can be measured from the inside of one hole to the outside of the other, providing the hole diameters are equal.

The IBC (Inner Bolt Circle) Gasket

The IBC gasket is as the drawing above, but only has an OD and ID (with no holes) and often sits inside the holes.

Flange Gasket Tables - Please follow the link to view all standard flange gasket tables.

Picture Frame Gaskets

How to Measure a Picture Frame Gasket

Gasket Advice

To enable us to quote for your gasket requirements, please provide the following information:

Quantity Required


  • What are you trying to seal?

Size Details:

  • Standard flange type.
  • Dimensions from the drawing above (including the number of holes & material thickness).
  • A drawing if non-standard.


  • Product being conveyed.
  • Temperature range.
  • What is the gasket coming into contact with? (i.e. chemical, acids, solvents etc).
  • Pressure rating required.
  • Is the gasket for internal or external pipework. Other relevant environmental conditions.

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