Plastic Shims

Plastic Shims

Plastic shims are made of polyester plastic and have become increasingly recognised in engineering for shimming, spacing and insulation applications. The unique colour coding of plastic shims denotes the material thickness, eliminating the need to use a micrometre. Plastic shims have excellent wear resistance with a high strength-to-weight ratio making them a popular alternative to metallic shimming materials. 

Key Features of Plastic Shims

  • High tear resistance and tensile strength.
  • Resistant to abrasion and impact.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Easily fabricated and safer to use than most standard shimming materials.


Sheet Sizes (mm) 609 x 304, 1220 x 610 (stocked as standard)
Plastic Shim Packs: Available in sheet sizes 609 x 304mm and 1220 x 610mm (stocked as standard).
Product Code
(609 x 304mm)
Product Code
(1220 x 610mm)
SA2-PU-0.025^ SA2-PU-0.025-L 0.025 Purple
SA3-PI-0.037^ SA3-PI-0.037-L 0.037 Pink
SA4-DB-0.05^ SA4-DB-0.05-L 0.050 Dark Blue
SA5-BL-0.065^ SA5-BL-0.065-L 0.065 Black
- SA5-CL-0.065-L^ 0.065 Clear
SA6-GR-0.075^ SA6-GR-0.075-L 0.075 Green
- SA7-AM-0.1-L 0.100 Amber
SA8-BR-0.125^ SA8-BR-0.125-L 0.125 Brown
SA9-CL-0.15^ SA9-CL-0.15-L 0.150 Clear
SA10-PB-0.17^ - 0.175 Peacock Blue
- SA11-HA-0.19-L 0.190 Hazy
SA12-TB-0.2^ SA12-TB-0.2-L 0.200 Tint Blue
SA14-WH-0.25^ - 0.250 White
- SA16-DG-0.3-L 0.300 Dark Green
- SA17-NA-0.35-L 0.350 Natural
SB18-RD-0.375^ SB18-RD-0.375-L 0.375 Red
SA21-TR-0.5^ - 0.500 Trans/Hazy
-   SB20-YE-0.5-L 0.500 Yellow
SB22-LG-0.625^ SB22-LG-0.625-L 0.625 Light Grey
- SB24-TA-1-L 1.000 Tan
SP-1220X610 Shim pack containing 16 sheets at 1220x610mm, one of each product code denoted (†) above.

^Limited availability, while stocks last.

#Thickness tolerance of ±10%.

Technical Specification:

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