Felt Sheeting

Felt Sheeting




Felt sheeting is a diverse engineering material which can be as soft as lamb's wool or as hard as wood. As a result, it is used in a wide range of applications. PAR Group supply four different densities of woollen felt sheeting as standard. We also offer needle felt and can manufacture filter bags and intake socks for ventilation systems.

Applications: Anti-vibration pads, bearer felts, grease and oil seals, gaskets, filter pads, fluid wicking, filter bags and intake socks.

Temperature: -80°C to +200°C


Product Code
(Soft Density - 0.18sg)
Product Code
(Medium Density - 0.25sg)
Product Code
(Firm Density - 0.36sg)
Product Code
(Hard Density - 0.44sg)

Roll Length**





FELTSD-1.8M-3 FELTMD-1.8M-3* FELTFG-1.8M-3 FELTHD-1.8M-3 10 1.8 3
FELTSD-1.8M-4 FELTMD-1.8M-4 FELTFG-1.8M-4 FELTHD-1.8M-4 10 1.8 4
FELTSD-1.8M-5 FELTMD-1.8M-5* FELTFG-1.8M-5 FELTHD-1.8M-5 10 1.8 5
FELTSD-1.8M-6 FELTMD-1.8M-6* FELTFG-1.8M-6 FELTHD-1.8M-6* 10 1.8 6
FELTSD-1.8M-8 FELTMD-1.8M-8 FELTFG-1.8M-8 FELTHD-1.8M-8 10 1.8 8
FELTSD-1.8M-10 FELTMD-1.8M-10* FELTFG-1.8M-10 FELTHD-1.8M-10 10 1.8 10
FELTSD-1.8M-12 FELTMD-1.8M-12* FELTFG-1.8M-12 FELTHD-1.8M-12 10 1.8 12
FELTSD-1.8M-15 FELTMD-1.8M-15* FELTFG-1.8M-15 FELTHD-1.8M-15 10 1.8 15
FELTSD-1.8M-20 FELTMD-1.8M-20 FELTFG-1.8M-20 FELTHD-1.8M-20 10 1.8 20
FELTSD-1.8M-25 - - FELTHD-1.8M-25 10 1.8 25

*Stocked as standard.

**Roll lengths may be shorter on thicker grades.

Selective roll widths may be shorter than advertised, please enquire.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet - Soft (0.18sg)

Technical Data Sheet - Medium (0.25sg)

Technical Data Sheet - Firm (0.36sg)

Technical Data Sheet - Hard (0.44sg)

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