Upholstery Foam

Upholstery Foam

Cut Pieces Available



Upholstery foam is available in a wide range of grades and densities and can be cut to size from large blocks to suit your requirements. We can also manufacture protective outer covers from various industrial fabrics held in stock. These covers encapsulate the upholstery foam for applications requiring crash mat and pads.

Density: 21kg/m³ up to 50kg/m³ / 80kg/m³ up to 125kg/m³(recon grade).

Applications: Pipeline swabs, crash mats, acoustic barriers, impact protection pieces, crash pads, gymnastic foam blocks and pit foam for action sports.


Cut from block into cubes, wedges and other shapes to suit your requirements.

Colour*: Various
Roll Size (mtrs): 2.4 x 2
Thickness (mm): Up to 1200

*If a specific colour of material is required, please state this in writing at the point of enquiry.

For larger sheets, cut pieces can be bonded together.

Technical Specification

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet - Recon Grade

Examples of our Upholstery Foam

Upholstery Foam    
Reconstituted Foam Blocks    

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