Silicone Sponge Sheeting

Silicone Sponge Sheeting  

Silicone sponge sheeting has excellent heat resistance and anti-stick properties. It is also resistant to UV light, ozone and most moderate and oxidizing chemicals. It has low smoke and fume emissions and is popular for a wide range of sealing applications. We also offer Silicone Sponge Sheeting - FDA Approved and Silicone Sponge Sheeting - HT800, which is FDA approved and flame retardant. Silicone sponge sheeting is available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.


Gaskets, seals and oven seals.

Key Features of Silicone Sponge Sheeting

  • Density: 15 - 17 lb/ft³
  • Temperature: -60°C up to +200°C (Up to +180°C for the self-adhesive backing).


*Stocked as standard.

Note: AZDN is used as a blowing agent and although this is cured extensively after manufacture, it is not proven that the AZDN agent has been entirely burnt off. Therefore, silicone sponge sheeting cannot be classified as FDA grade, although the vast majority of its ingredients are FDA grade.

Technical Specification:

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