Viton® Sponge Sheeting

Viton® Sponge Sheeting  

Viton® sponge sheeting is closed cell and manufactured with a skin on both sides to provide increased tear resistance. It has a high temperature resistance and good resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, oils, fuels and lubricants. Viton® sponge sheeting also has good resistance to acids, weathering and ozone.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -25°C to +204°C.

(elevated temperatures whilst under compression may have an adverse effect on the resilience of Viton® sponge)


Also available: Self-adhesive backing upon request.

Viton® Sponge Sheets

Colour: Black
Sheet Size (mm): 1422 x 711 1422 x 762
Thickness (mm): 3.18 6.35, 9.53, 12.7

Viton® Sponge Rolls

Colour: Black
Roll Length (mtrs): 10
Roll Width (mm): 230
Thickness (mm): 3.18, 6.35, 9.53, 12.7
Technical Specification:

Please note: Long lead times typically apply, please enquire.

Viton® is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company.

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