PEEK Rod - Glass Filled

PEEK Rod - Glass Filled

PEEK rod - glass filled is an extremely tough, wear resistant plastic with excellent resistance to high temperatures and energy radiation. It is very dimensionally stable and has a high mechanical bearing strength. The inclusion of glass fibres helps to significantly reduce both the expansion rate and flexural modulus of the PEEK, making it especially useful where improved strength and stability is required at continuous elevated temperatures over 150°C (300°F). PEEK glass filled rod can be purchase online by clicking the 'Buy Online' button above.


Machined components in the electrical, aviation and chemical engineering industries.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -20°C up to +250°C (+310°C short term).
  • Extremely strong and wear resistant.
  • Excellent resistance to creep and high energy radiation.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis
  • High rigidity and dimensional stability.
  • Reduced expansion rate and flexural modulus.


Technical Specification:

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