PEEK Rod - Modified

PEEK Rod - Modified

PEEK rod - modified is manufactured from a base PEEK polymer including 10% PTFE, 10% graphite and 10% carbon fibre fillers. This results in an extremely abrasion resistant material specifically suited to bearing and wear applications. As with other filled grades of PEEK, the base polymer retains its core properties, such as chemical and energy radiation resistance, excellent dimensional stability, low creep properties, and continued performance at elevated operating temperatures. Modified PEEK rod is available to purchase online by clicking the button above.


Machined components in the electrical, aviation and chemical engineering industries.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -30°C up to +250°C (+310°C short term).
  • Extremely strong and wear resistant plastic.
  • Excellent resistance to creep and high energy radiation.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis.
  • Specialist bearing grade.
  • Easily machined.


Technical Specification:

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