AFPA - Pebble Anti-Static Matting

AFPA - Pebble Anti-Static Matting

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AFPA - pebble anti-static matting is manufactured with vinyl sponge and are designed to provide comfort and anti-static protection in light duty applications. Pebble anti-static matting is commonly used for assembly lines, computer rooms, hospitals and photocopy areas.

Key Features: Good wear resistance, good slip resistance and very good anti-fatigue. Meets IEC 61340-4-1 (category DIF) measured resistance Rg 106-109Ω.  Rp106-109Ω. Electrostatic charge (walking test) meets ISO6356 and EN 1815.


Product Code (Black)

Product Code (Grey) Product Code (Black/Yellow) Product Code (Brown) Roll/Mat Size


Black Grey Black with Yellow Edging Brown - -
AFPA-B-0.91x0.6 AFPA-G-0.91x0.6 AFPA-BY-0.91x0.6 AFPA-BR-0.91x0.6 0.91 x 0.6 9.4
AFPA-B-1.5x0.91 AFPA-G-1.5x0.91 AFPA-BY-1.5x0.91 AFPA-BR-1.5x0.91 1.5 x 0.91 9.4
AFPA-B-18.3x0.91 AFPA-G-18.3x0.91 AFPA-BY-18.3x0.91 AFPA-BR-18.3x0.91 18.3 x 0.91 9.4

Technical Specification:

Chemical Resistance