MFTH - Honeycomb Floor Tiles

MFTH - Honeycomb Floor Tiles

MFTH - honeycomb floor tiles are manufactured from hard wearing PVC that allows liquids to drain away leaving a safe work surface. They are hygienic, flame retardant and resistant to oils and chemicals. The tiles are also easy to fit and can be used in internal and external environments. Bevelled and corner edges are also available.


Workshops, work areas and walkways.


Floor Tiles

Product Code

Size (mm)

Thickness (mm)

MFTH-T-BK-500 500 x 500 23 Black
MFTH-T-BL-500* 500 x 500 23 Blue
MFTH-T-GR-500* 500 x 500 23 Green
MFTH-T-GY-500* 500 x 500 23 Grey
MFTH-T-RD-500* 500 x 500 23 Red
MFTH-T-YE-500* 500 x 500 23 Yellow

*May be subject to minimum order quantities. Please enquire.

Bevelled Edges

Product Code -
Male Edge

Product Code -
Female Edge
MFTH-MBE-BK-500 MFTH-FBE-BK-500 500 x 60 Black
MFTH-MBE-YE-500 MFTH-FBE-YE-500 500 x 60 Yellow

Corner Edges

Product Code

Size (mm)

Thickness (mm)

MFTH-CE-BK 60 x 60 23 Black
MFTH-CE-YE 60 x 60 23 Yellow