MFTS - Studded Floor Tiles

MFTS - Studded Floor Tiles



MFTS - studded floor tiles are manufactured from hard wearing PVC and have a single bar stud tile pattern. They are hygienic, flame retardant and resistant to oils and chemicals. MFTS - studded floor tiles are easy to fit and can be used indoor and outdoor. Bevelled edges are available.

Applications: Workshops, work areas and walkways.


Floor Tiles

Product Code

Size (mm)

Thickness (mm)

MFTS-T-BK-500* 500 x 500 14 Black
MFTS-T-BL-500 500 x 500 14 Blue
MFTS-T-GN-500 500 x 500 14 Green
MFTS-T-GY-500 500 x 500 14 Dark Grey
MFTS-T-RD-500 500 x 500 14 Red
MFTS-T-WE-500 500 x 500 14 White
MFTS-T-YW-500 500 x 500 14 Yellow

Bevelled Edges

Product Code -

Male Edges

Product Code -

Female Edges



MFTS-MBE-BK-500* MFTS-FBE-BK-500* 500 x 60 14 Black
MFTS-MBE-BL-500 MFTS-FBE-BL-500 500 x 60 14 Blue
MFTS-MBE-GN-500 MFTS-FBE-GN-500 500 x 60 14 Green
MFTS-MBE-GY-500 MFTS-FBE-GY-500 500 x 60 14 Dark Grey
MFTS-MBE-RD-500 MFTS-FBE-RD-500 500 x 60 14 Red
MFTS-MBE-WE-500 MFTS-FBE-WE-500 500 x 60 14 White
MFTS-MBE-YW-500 MFTS-FBE-YW-500 500 x 60 14 Yellow

*Black tiles and bevelled edges are an economy grade manufactured from recycled materials. 

Note: If you are unsure as to the amount of bevelled edges you require please let us know the area you are looking to cover and we will quote for the correct quantity of each type.

Examples of our Studded Floor Tiles

MFTS Studded Floor Tiles MFTS Studded Floor Tile - Black  
MFTS Studded Floor Tiles MFTS Studded Floor Tile - Black  

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