Collision Protection Bars

PAR Group's range of black and yellow straight collision protection bars  Black and Yellow Corner Collision Protection Bar in use

Collision protection bars are designed to help prevent accidental damage or impact from heavy-duty plant and machinery such as forklift trucks, pallet trucks, trolleys and roller containers, creating a safer indoor working environment. The low-line corner or linear profile design enables pedestrian access to any protected areas should it be required.

Manufactured from steel, our collision protection bars come complete with a yellow and black striped powder coated finish for additional visibility. This item is an easy to install solution using fixing bolts which can be purchased separately.

A range of Collision Protection Bars are available to buy online at PAR Direct.


Protect shelving, cabinets, and wall-mounted equipment (instruments, switch cabinets, first aid equipment).

Key Features

  • Manufactured from steel.
  • Affixable to concrete floors with rawl bolts & through bolt anchors.
  • Highly visible black and yellow in colour.
  • Various sizes and profiles available.


Product Code Profile Size (mm) - H x W x D Weight (kg)
COLP478 Linear 86 x 400 x 76 5
COLP220 Linear 86 x 800 x 76 7.50
COLP143 Linear 86 x 1200 x 76 10
COLP677 Corner 86 x 638/638 x 76 11

Collision Protection Bar Fixing Bolts

Affixing collision protection bars to concrete floors can be achieved with the following items:
Rawl Bolt

WBFIX393 - Rawl Bolt
Through Bolt Anchor

WBFIX665 - Through Bolt Anchor
Product Code Size (mm) Description Weight (kg)
WBFIX393 8 x 100 Concrete & Tarmac Rawl Bolt 0.20
WBFIX665 12 x 120 Concrete Through Bolt Anchor 0.30