Flexible Bollards

Flexible Bollards    


Flexible Bollards are designed to help control traffic movement and are manufactured form a durable, flexible material.  This enables them to flex and return shape under impact, reducing the risk of damage to vehicles.  They are available in either black & white or red & white and are easily installed using different fixings (not included).  Below shows the full range of Flexible Bollards available, many of which are available to buy online at PAR Direct.  


Black & White Flexible Traffic Bollards

FBO406 - Black & White Flexible Bollard SBFIXC - Concrete Fixing SBFIXT - Tarmac Fixing


Black & white flexible bollards are manufactured from a high gloss flexible polyurethane with reflective strips for improved visibility.  They are installed using three M12 fixing bolts (sold separately).

Key Features: Extremely tough and durable, flexible under impact. 


Product Code Height (mm) Diameter Ø (mm) Fixture Weight (kg)
FBO406 800 75 (base 200) M12 1.1
SBFIXC Concrete fixing bolt - M12 supplied with shield anchor.
SBFIXT Tarmac fixing bolt - M12x80mm long, supplied with a 75mm long rubber sleeve.

Red & White Flexible Traffic Bollards

FBO452 / FBO682 / FBO332 WBFIX393    
 FBO452 / FBO682 / FBO332 - Red & White Flexible Bollard WBFIX393 - M10 Rawl Bolt  

Red & white flexible traffic bollards are manufactured from a durable thermoplastic polyurethane in a single piece design.  The integrated base anchors onto a suitable surface with the use of three M10 bolts (not included). 

Key Features: Hard-wearing, reduces risk of damage, retractable returning to an upright position. 


Product Code Height (mm) Diameter Ø (mm) Fixture Weight (kg)
FBO452 460 80 (base 200) M10 2.00
FBO682 760 80 (base 200) M10 2.50
FBO332 1000 80 (base 200) M10 2.50
WBFIX393 Concrete & tarmac fixing bolt - M10x100mm, supplied with 14mm rawl plug.

Red & White Off-Highway Flexible Traffic Bollards

FBO114 / FBO496 / FBO558 FBO-BASE WBFIX393  
 FBO114 / FBO496 / FBO558 - Off-Highway Flexible Bollard FBO-BASE - Off-Highway Flexible Bollard Base WBFIX393 - M10 Rawl Bolt

Red & white off-highway traffic bollards are manufactured from polyethylene with highly visible with reflective sleeves.  The bollards pivot at the base with the use of a chain to pull the bollard back to its upright position following impact.  The base (sold separately) is manufactured from recycled materials and is installed with the use of five M10 bolts (not included).  Off-highway traffic bollards are not for use on public highways. 

Key Features: Durable, highly visible, retractable and easy to install. 

Applications: Traffic lane separation, guide traffic, warn traffic of obstructions. 


Product Code Height (mm) Diameter Ø (mm) Fixture Weight (kg)
FBO114 460 100 - 1.50
FBO496 760 100 - 2.00
FBO558 1000 100 - 2.50
FBO-BASE 60 270 M10 2.00
WBFIX393 Concrete & tarmac fixing bolt - M10x100mm, supplied with 14mm rawl plug.

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