Armaflex® Class O Sheet and Roll

Armaflex® Sheet & Roll   Armaflex® Sheet & Roll - Self Adhesive

Armaflex® class O sheet and roll is manufactured from nitrile rubber foam that is chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free. The closed cell structure of this thermal insulation provides effective resistance to water vapour and offers low thermal conductivity, ensuring that energy loss and the risk of corrosion is greatly reduced once installed.

Armaflex® insulation sheet also has good resistance to ozone and oils due to the characteristics of the rubber foam compound. The product offers an ODP (ozone depletion potential) rating of zero, does not spread flame and helps to prevent against fungal growth due to the materials antimicrobial properties.

Armaflex® sheet and roll is commonly used to insulate rectangular air conditioning ductwork or as a layer of insulation to help improve energy efficiency. For applications that require additional affixing, we can offer Armaflex® sheet insulation complete with a self-adhesive backing.

Armaflex® is available to purchase online at PAR Direct by clicking the 'buy online' button above. 

We may be able to supply Armaflex Ultima® upon request, which has a lot of similar benefits listed below. However, it has enhanced fire safety properties due to the fact it emits a very low smoke density.

Properties of Armaflex® Sheet and Roll

  • Temperature: -50°C up to +105°C, (+85°C when sheet is glued to flat surfaces).
  • Helps to prevent energy loss by up to 87%.
  • Excellent condensation and freeze control.
  • Easily installed, lightweight and provides long lasting service.
  • Effective resistance to moisture absorption.
  • Does not spread flame.
  • Prevents against fungal growth.


  • Offers a Class 0 rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 for 'fire classification of construction products and building elements'.
  • Fire propagation; in accordance with BS 476 Part 6:1989.
  • Class 1 rated in accordance with BS 476 Part 7:1997 for 'fire tests on building materials and structures'.
  • Euroclass B-s3, d0 in compliance with BS EN ISO 13823 for the 'building products excluding floorings exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item'.
  • FM-approved in accordance with UBC26-3, Class No. 4924.

Note: Armaflex® pipe insulation is also available. Armaflex Ultima may be available upon request.

Armaflex® Class O Flat Sheet

Product Code
Product Code
(Self Adhesive)
Sheet Length
Sheet Thickness
AFOS-2X0.5-9 AFOS-SA-2X0.5-9 2000 9
AFOS-2X0.5-13 AFOS-SA-2X0.5-13 2000 13
AFOS-2X0.5-19 AFOS-SA-2X0.5-19 2000 19
AFOS-2X0.5-25 AFOS-SA-2X0.5-25 2000 25
AFOS-2X0.5-32 AFOS-SA-2X0.5-32 2000 32

Armaflex® Class O Roll

Product Code 
Product Code
(Self Adhesive)
Roll Length
Roll Thickness
AFOR-30X1-3 AFOR-SA-30X1-3 30 3
AFOR-15X1-6 AFOR-SA-15X1-6 15 6
AFOR-10X1-10 AFOR-SA-10X1-10 10 10
AFOR-8X1-13 AFOR-SA-8X1-13 8 13
AFOR-6X1-19 AFOR-SA-6X1-19 6 19
AFOR-4X1-25 AFOR-SA-4X1-25 4 25
AFOR-3X1-32 AFOR-SA-3X1-32 3 32

Armaflex® Class O Tape

Armaflex® Class O Tape

Armaflex® class O sealing tape offers effective insulation of difficult shapes or areas that are not easily accessible.

Roll Length
Roll Width
Roll Thickness
AFO-TAPE-15X50-3 15 50 3

Armaflex® Accessories

Armaflex® 520 Adhesive   Armaflex® Adhesive Pump

Armaflex® 520 is a one component industrial adhesive, specifically formulated for Armaflex® Insulation. It is fast drying and ensures reliable vapour tight joints. We also offer an Armaflex® adhesive pump to aid the installation of Armaflex® materials.

Product Code Product Description
AFGLUE-520-0.5L 0.5ltr Armaflex® 520 adhesive.
AFGLUE-520-1L 1ltr Armaflex® 520 adhesive.
AF-GLUE-PUMP Armaflex® adhesive pump c/w brush.
Technical Specification: