Rockwool® Slab Insulation

Rockwool® Slab Insulation

Rockwool® slab insulation is manufactured from molten basaltic rock which is spun at very high temperatures to produce fine interwoven mineral wool fibres. The resulting substance is compacted into a dense, lightweight block, which is then bonded with a high quality resin to create a material that provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

At PAR, our standard grade of Rockwool® insulation is the semi-rigid RWA45 grade. It is primarily used to insulate walls, roofs, HVAC ductwork, floors and ceilings in both residential and industrial environments. Once installed, the material helps to reduce energy consumption by trapping rising warm air, while providing effective sound absorption over a wide frequency range. It is also non-hygroscopic (little or no tendency to absorb moisture) and requires no maintenance once in situ.

RWA45 Rockwool® insulation offers a Euroclass A1 fire protection rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 and is considered a non-combustible material. It also conforms to industry recognised standards such as BS EN 13162:2012 and is CE marked to EN 13162. The material is easy to handle and can be cut to shape using a sharp knife.

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Used as thermal and acoustic insulation in general building and HVAC applications.

Key Features of Rockwool® Insulation

  • Provides outstanding thermal, acoustic and fire insulation properties.
  • Non-hygroscopic (little or no tendency to absorb moisture).
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures.
  • Easy to cut and install.


  • Conforms to BS EN 13162:2012 for factory made mineral wool products that are suitable for use as thermal insulation products in buildings.
  • RWA45 has a Euroclass A1 fire protection rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 and is considered non-combustible.
  • Rockwool fibres are not classified as a possible human carcinogen as per EU directive 97/69/EC.
  • CE Certificate to EN 13162 for thermal insulation products.


Also available: Rockwool® Pipe Insulation.

Please note: RWA45 Rockwool® slab insulation is supplied without a foil faced backing.




Thickness (mm)


RWSLAB-45-25 25 45 16
RWSLAB-45-30* 30 45 12
RWSLAB-45-40* 40 45 12
RWSLAB-45-50 50 45 9
RWSLAB-45-60* 60 45 8
RWSLAB-45-75 75 45 6
RWSLAB-45-100 100 45 4

*Minimum order quantities apply, please enquire.

RWA45 Rockwool® slab insulation is a non-combustible product. If exposed to a constant temperature over +175°C for a prolonged period the resin binding will begin to fail (capable of +230°C short term).

Technical Specification:

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