Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reel

Fire hose reels are manufactured from a powder coated zinc plated steel with standard red finish. Our standard fire hose reels are supplied with a manual 1" stop valve as standard, as well as a wall mounting bracket and jet/spray/shut off nozzle. 


Ideal for use in large factories, warehouses and public buildings and areas.

Key Features

  • Slimline.
  • Wall mounted hose reels designed for easy installation, maintenance and operation.
  • Fire hose reels with automatic stop valves can be supplied upon request.
  • Size (mm): 600ø x 240d (fixed type, in situ) / 600ø x 235d (swinging type, in situ).


Inside Diameter
Hose Capacity
FARFM19C Fixed 19 30 ¾" Male Red
FARFM25A Fixed 25 30 ¾" Male Red
FARSM19A Swinging 19 30 1" Male Red
FARSM25A Swinging 25 30 1" Male Red
FARFM19C-HOSE Fixed with hose 19 30 (included) ¾" Male Red
FARFM25A-HOSE Fixed with hose 25 30 (included) ¾" Male Red
FARSM19A-HOSE Swinging with hose 19 30 (included) 1" Male Red
FARSM25A-HOSE Swinging with hose 25 30 (included) 1" Male Red

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