YRASM - Slow Auto Rewind Polypropylene Hose Reel

YRASM - Slow Auto Rewind Polypropylene Hose Reel

YRASM - slow auto rewind polypropylene hose reels have a lightweight design and are manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene. This hose reel has a unique automatic slow motion system incorporated which senses over-speed retraction. Should the operator lose grip on the hose, this system will slow the retraction to a safe speed with the use of a centrifugal brake. This feature can help to reduce the risk of injury to personnel and damage to vehicles and surrounding equipment. YRASM hose reels come supplied with a fitted polyurethane hose and powder coated wall / ceiling bracket.

The YRA250SM and YRA300SM are both available to purchase online by clicking the 'Buy Online' button above. 


Compressed air, water. Ideal for garages and smaller workshops where space is limited.

Key Features

  • Size (mm): 200w x 450d x 360h.
  • Lightweight, small and durable.
  • Fully automatic spring rewind mechanism.
  • Powder coated wall / overhead mounting bracket.
  • Latching of hose at any length, or free run.
  • Supplied fitted with a polyurethane hose.




Inside Diameter

(Inch / mm)

Coil Length


Inlet / Outlet


Working Pressure




Reel Size (mm) -

Width x Depth x Height

YRA250SM 5/16 / 8 15 ¼" F / ¼" M 10 5.5 200 x 450 x 360


3/8 / 10


3/8" F / 3/8" M



200 x 450 x 360