YRASM - Slow Auto Rewind Polypropylene Hose Reel

YRASM - Slow Auto Rewind Polypropylene Hose Reel

Cut Lengths Available


YRASM - slow auto rewind polypropylene hose reel is manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene.

Key Features: Lightweight, small and durable. Unique automatic slow motion safety system senses over-speed retraction should the operator lose grip on the hose and slows the retraction to a safe speed. This feature can help to reduce the risk of injury and damage to vehicles and surrounding equipment. Powder coated wall / overhead mounting bracket. Latching of hose at any length. Supplied fitted with a polyurethane hose.

Size (mm): 200w x 450d x 360h.

Applications: Compressed air, water. Ideal for garages and smaller workshops where space is limited.


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3/8" F

3/8" M