60 Series Couplings - Pneumatic

The following 60 series couplings are available from PAR Group. Please quote our part number with your enquiry.

60 Series Couplings - Coupler Half

60 Series Couplings - Coupler Half







Part Number Description
AC4CM 1/4" male thread R.
AC4EM 3/8" male thread R.
AC4JM 1/2" male thread R.
AC4CF 1/4" female thread RP.
AC4EF 3/8" female thread RP.
AC4JF 1/2" female thread RP.

60 Series Coupling - Adaptor Half

60 Series Coupling - Adaptor Half  







Part Number Description
ACA2657 1/4" male thread R.
ACA2661 3/8" male thread R.
ACA2653 1/4" female thread RP.
ACA2660 3/8" female thread RP.
ACA2654 7.9mm hose tail.
ACA2658 9.5mm hose tail.
ACA2659 12.7mm hose tail.
ACA9201 3/8" male thread R safety adaptor.