Mini Couplings - Pneumatic

The following mini couplings are available from PAR Group. They are interchangeable with Rectus 21, Camozi Minim and Norgren 233 couplings. Please quote our part number with your enquiry.

Mini Coupling - Coupler Half

Mini Coupling - Coupler Half  







Part Number Description
AC11AM 1/8" male thread G.
AC11CM 1/4" male thread G.
AC11AF 1/8" male thread G.
AC11CF 1/4" female thread G.

Mini Coupling - Adaptor Half

Mini Coupling - Adaptor Half  







Part Number Description
AA11AM 1/8" male thread G.
AA11CM 1/4" male thread G.
AA11AF 1/8" female thread G.
AA11CF 1/4" female thread G.
AA1104 4mm hose tail.
AA1106 6mm hose tail.
AA1109 9mm hose tail.

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