ISO B12 Couplings - Pneumatic

The following ISO B12 couplings are available from PAR Group. They are interchangeable with Rectus 23, Cejn 310, Hanson 3000 and Dynaquip DC3 couplings.

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ISO B12 Coupling - Coupler Half

ISO B12 Coupling - Coupler Half
Product Code Size (Thread/Connection Type)
AC75CM ¼" Male Thread R
AC75EM 3/8" Male Thread R
AC75JM ½" Male Thread R
AC75CF ¼" Female Thread RP
AC75EF 3/8" Female Thread RP
AC75JF ½" Female Thread RP
AC7506 7mm Hose Tail
AC7508 8mm Hose Tail
AC7510 10mm Hose Tail
AC7513 13mm Hose Tail

ISO B12 Coupling - Adaptor Half

ISO B12 Coupling - Adaptor Half
Product Code Size (Thread/Connection Type)
AA7502 ¼" Male Thread R
AA7506 ¼" Female Thread RP
AA7510 7mm Hose Tail
AA7511 8mm Hose Tail