Storz Coupling Safety Clamps

Storz Coupling Safety Clamps  

Storz coupling safety clamps are manufactured in a high visibility yellow steel and are designed to prevent the loosening of couplings without the need for a lock. The clamps also come equipped with a lug mechanism which provides extra grip and ensures both halves remain together at all times.

Storz safety clamps can be purchased online at PAR Direct by clicking the 'Buy Online' link above. Rubber clamps can also be purchased upon request, please enquire.  


Product Code Size (Storz) Size (KA - mm)
SSCL-52C-KA66 52 (C) 66
SSCL-75B-KA89 75 (B) 89
SSCL-11A-KA133 110 (A) 133

Note: Rubber clamps are also available upon request.