Storz Coupling Blank Cap and Chain

Storz Coupling Blank Cap and Chain (Aluminium)  Storz Coupling Blank Cap and Chain - Dimensional Drawing

Storz coupling blank cap and chain are available in a range of sizes and possess 2 lugs as standard. They are available in aluminium and brass and are primarily used to temporarily seal Storz outlets. A nitrile seal is included as standard.

A range of aluminium Storz coupling blank cap and chains are available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above. Alternatively, to make an enquiry for brass or stainless steel options, please click the 'enquire now' button above and state the product code and quantity you require.

Max. Working Pressure

  • 16 Bar (232 psi).


Also available: In stainless steel (subject to availability). Please replace the AL/BR suffix with SS if stainless steel is required. E.g SB10SS. 3 lug options may also be available upon request, please enquire. 

Product Code
Product Code
(KA - mm)
SB1AL-25D-BC SB1BR-25D-BC 25 (D) = DIN 14310 31
SB2AL-32-BC SB2BR-32-BC 32 44
SB3AL-38-BC SB3BR-38-BC 38 52
SB4AL-52C-BC SB4BR-52C-BC 52 (C) = DIN 14311 66
SB5AL-65-BC SB5BR-65-BC 65 81
SB6AL-75B-BC SB6BR-75B-BC 75 (B) = DIN 14312 89
SB7AL-90-BC SB7BR-90-BC 90 105
SB8AL-100-BC SB8BR-100-BC 100 115
SB9AL-110A-BC SB9BR-110A-BC 110 (A) = DIN 14313 133
SB10AL-125-BC SB10BR-125-BC 125 148
SB11AL-150-BC SB11BR-150-BC 150 160
SB12AL-165-BC SB12BR-165-BC 165 188
SB13AL-205-BC SB13BR-205-BC 205 220