Storz Coupling Seals

Storz Coupling Seals

Storz coupling seals are available in nitrile and silicone rubber and help to ensure a watertight connection between two Storz couplings is achieved.

A range of nitrile Storz seals are available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above. Alternatively, to make an enquiry for the silicone or Viton® options, please click the green 'enquire now' button above and state the product code / size and quantity you require.


Note: Viton® seals are also available upon request, please enquire.

Product Code
Product Code
(To Suit Storz)
(KA - mm)
SZG-31N SZG-31S Storz 25-D 31
SZG-44N SZG-44S Storz 32 44
SZG-52N SZG-52S Storz 38 52
SZG-66N SZG-66S Storz 52-C 66
SZG-81N SZG-81S Storz 65 81
SZG-89N SZG-89S Storz 75-B 89
SZG-105N SZG-105S Storz-90 105
SZG-115N SZG-115S Storz-100 115
SZG-133N SZG-133S Storz-110-A 133
SZG-148N SZG-148S Storz-125 148
SZG-159N SZG-159S Storz-135 159
SZG-188N - Storz-165 188
SZG-220N - Storz-205 220
SZG-278N - Storz-250 278

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