Storz Coupling Locking Blank Cap and Chain

Storz Coupling Locking Blank Cap (Aluminium)  Storz Coupling Locking Blank Cap - Dimensional Drawing

Aluminium Storz coupling locking blank cap and chain is available in a range of sizes and possesses 2 lugs as standard. It is used for the temporary sealing of Storz outlets and comes included with a locking key mechanism and a nitrile seal.

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Max. Working Pressure

  • 16 Bar (232 psi).


Note: 3 lug options may also be available upon request, please enquire. 

Product Code Size (Storz) Size (KA - mm)
SB4AL-52C-LBC 52 (C) 66
SB6AL-75B-LBC 75 (B) 89
SB9AL-110A-LBC 110 (A) 133