Balata Conveyor Belting

Balata Conveyor Belting

Balata conveyor belting is a tough, robust belt that has a rubber friction surface on both sides. It is constructed from premium quality high tensile cotton and natural rubber. Balata conveyor belting is recommended for conveyors with full roller beds, or steel beds with intermittent rollers. This belting is not recommended for direct contact with foodstuffs or for use in contact with excessive oil.


Conveyor belting and elevator belting, bucket elevator belts power transmission drive applications, packings, gaskets, gas bottle retention strapping, punched parts for automotive applications.

Key Features

  • Temperature: 0°C up to +95°C.
  • Extremely tough and robust.


Width (mm): Up to 975
Ply Thickness: 3ply (5mm approx.), 4ply, 5ply and 6ply.
Tolerances on Width Cutting (mm): ± 2

Technical Specification:

Properties 3 Ply Grade
Tensile Strength (longitudinal): 190 Kn/m width
Tensile Strength (transverse): 110 Kn/m width
Adhesion*: Not less than 3.0 Kn/m
Minimum Recommended Pulley Diameters for Belting Applications: 3" with fasteners / 4" if endless
Recommended Initial Belt Tension: 1% - 1.5%

*Adhesion is the mean force required to strip one ply from the next.

Finishing of Cut Edges:

The belting has square/cut edges. Standard practice is for the cut roll edges to be treated with a heat gun, after which a quick dry lead based red paint is applied. If this paint is not required for any reason, this should be stipulated at the time of enquiry. The performance of the belting will not be affected by the omission of the painted edges, which are mainly for cosmetic reasons, though the paint does act as a barrier to moisture.

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