Polyurethane Conveyor Belts

Polyurethane Conveyor Belts

Food Approved Product


Polyurethane conveyor belts are manufactured by PAR using our thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) sheet. Conveyor belts can be manufactured using one of two grades, TPU95T (Translucent) and TPU95B (Blue), both of which are suitable for food contact. We can manufacture endless, bespoke size polyurethane conveyor belts using our in-house welding technology.

Temperature: -30°C up to +60°C.

Key Features: Excellent wear resistance and tear strength. Good resistance to grease, oils, water, cleaning agents and other liquids.

Applications: Conveyor belts in the food, drink and pharmaceutical sectors. Commonly used for raw, cooked and frozen foodstuffs.


Length (mtrs): Up to 30
Width (mm): Up to 1500
Thickness (mm): 3
Colours: Translucent (TPU95T), blue (TPU95B)

Technical Specification:

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Examples of our Polyurethane Conveyor Belts

TPU95B Blue PU Conveyor Belt    
TPU95B Blue Polyurethane Conveyor Belt    

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