HR2 - Hose Ramp

HR2 - Hose Ramp Middle Section HR2 - Hose Ramp End Sections

The HR2 hose ramp is a 3 channel, lidded hose ramp designed for vehicle and pedestrian usage. As with the HR1, multiple units can be joined together for continuous runs. The lids are manufactured from a high visibility, yellow polyethylene. The HR2 end sections are supplied as a pair, with one male and one female part supplied.  


  HR2 Middle Section HR2 End Sections
Weight (Kg): 24 9 (as a pair, one male and one female)
Overall Dimensions* (mm): 970(l) x 590(w) x 80(h) Male Section: 150(l) x 590(w) x 80(h)
    Female Section: 200(l) x 590(w) x 80(h)
Maximum Load: 44 tonnes 44 tonnes (when joined to middle)
Number of Channels: 3 3
Outer Channel Dimensions (mm): 70 (wide) x 50 (deep) 70 (wide) x 50 (deep)
Inner Channel Dimensions (mm): 55 (wide) x 50 (deep) 55 (wide) x 50 (deep)

*Length (l) = the direction in which the channels run. Width (w) = the direction from one ramped side to the other.

Note: The HR2 end sections are sold as a pair, one male and one female fitting. End sections are only compatible with the HR2 hose ramp.

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