HR4 - Hose Ramp

HR4 - Hose Ramp

The HR4 hose ramp is a 2 channel hose ramp designed for two 100mm diameter hoses. The ramp is supplied with two connectors fitted, enabling two ramps to be joined together if required. The HR4 also has three yellow high visibility strips embedded into the ramp.


Weight (Kg): 16
Overall Dimensions* (mm): 310(l) x 820(w) x 102(h)
Maximum Load: 44 tonnes
Number of Channels: 2
Channel Dimensions (mm): 95 (wide at base) < 102 (wide at top) x 94 (deep)

*Length (l) = the direction in which the channels run. Width (w) = the direction from one ramped side to the other.

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