HR4M - Modular Hose Ramp

HR4M-MS - Modular Hose Ramp Middle Section  HR4-ES - Modular Hose Ramp End Section

The HR4M hose ramp is a modular hose ramp which allows for a large number of hose and cables to be protected. Middle sections can be connected together to create a ramp for a potentially endless number of hoses. It is possible to connect two end sections together giving you a basic hose ramp to protect just two hoses or cables.


Weight (Kg): 5 10
Overall Dimensions (mm): 295(l) x 290(w) x 118(h)* 295(l) x 535(w) x 118(h)**
Maximum Load: 44 tonnes 44 tonnes
Number of Channels: 1 1
Channel Dimensions (mm): 108 (wide at base) < 115 (wide at top) x 100 (deep) 108 (wide at base) < 115 (wide at top) x 110 (deep)

*Length (l) = the direction in which the channels run. Width (w) = the direction from one ramped side to the other.

**Length (l) = the direction in which the channel runs. Width (w) = the direction from the ramped edge to the joining side.

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