Klinger K3222 - Expanded Graphite Packing

Klinger K3222 - Pump and Valve Packing




Klinger K3222 - expanded graphite packing is manufactured using expanded graphite ribbons to produce a soft, flexible compression packing.

Temperature: -200°C to +430°C

Key Features: Excellent resistance to temperature and is commonly used with a wide range of chemical media including steam, oils, grease and many acids and alkalis. It is also fire safe and BAM approved for use in oxygen service. It is also self-lubricating with superior gliding properties and has excellent thermal conductivity and resilience.

Applications: Suitable for use  as a general valve and pump packing within many industries including chemical plant and chemical processing, gas plant, petrochemical plant, power stations, refineries.


Product Code Size (mm²) Length (mtrs)
K3222-3.2 3.2 8
K3222-5 5 8
K3222-6.5 6.5 8
K3222-8 8 8
K3222-9.5 9.5 8
K3222-11 11 8
K3222-12.5 12.5 8
K3222-14 14 8
K3222-16 16 8
K3222-17.5 17.5 8
K3222-19 19 8
K3222-20.5 20.5 8
K3222-22 22 8
K3222-23.5 23.5 8
K3222-25 25 8

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet