Klinger K4311 - Aramid & PTFE Hybrid Packing

Klinger K4311 - Pump and Valve Packing

Klinger K4311 - aramid and PTFE hybrid packing is a hybrid packing that combines the properties of aramid and PTFE resulting in an excellent dynamic packing for rotary and reciprocating duties. Klinger K4311 is available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.


Suitable for use as a general valve and pump packing within many industries including pulp and paper mills, mines and quarries, petrochemical plants, power staions, refineries, steel mills and sewage works.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -100°C to +280°C.
  • High resistance to extrusion and will operate well at high peripheral speeds.
  • Self-lubricating material with good resistance to abrasive, viscous media and chemicals.


Product Code Size (mm²) Length (mtrs)
K4311-5 5 8
K4311-6.5 6.5 8
K4311-8 8 8
K4311-9.5 9.5 8
K4311-11 11 8
K4311-12.5 12.5 8
K4311-14 14 8
K4311-16 16 8
K4311-17.5 17.5 8
K4311-19 19 8
K4311-20.5 20.5 8
K4311-22 22 8
K4311-23.5 23.5 8
K4311-25 25 8
Technical Specification: