Klinger K4313 - Aramid & Graphited PTFE Packing

Klinger K4313 - Aramid & Graphited PTFE Packing




Klinger K4313 - aramid and graphited PTFE packing is a hybrid packing that combines the properties of both Aramid and PTFE, resulting in an excellent dynamic packing for rotary and reciprocating duties.

Temperature: -100°C to +280°C

Key Features: High resistance to extrusion and will operate well at high peripheral speeds. It is a self-lubricating material with good resistance to abrasive and viscous media and chemicals.

Applications: Suitable for use  as a general valve and pump packing within many industries including pulp and paper mills, mines and quarries, petrochemical plants, power stations, refineries, steel mills and sewage works.


Product Code Size (mm²) Length (mtrs)
K4313-5 5 8
K4313-6.5 6.5 8
K4313-8 8 8
K4313-9.5 9.5 8
K4313-11 11 8
K4313-12.5 12.5 8
K4313-14 14 8
K4313-16 16 8
K4313-17.5 17.5 8
K4313-19 19 8
K4313-20.5 20.5 8
K4313-22 22 8
K4313-23.5 23.5 8
K4313-25 25 8

Technical Specification:

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