Klinger K44 - Lubricated Pure Graphite Packing

Klinger K44 - Lubricated Pure Graphite Packing




Klinger K44 - lubricated pure graphite packing is manufactured from pure graphite yarn which is then lubricated with mineral oil and graphite. K44 can be used in conjunction with K3222 gland packing to form a specialist composite set.

Temperature: -240°C to +430°C

Key Features: Offers excellent volumetric stability and is only affected by the presence of powerful oxidisers. It is also resistant over an extensive range of pressures and temperatures and provides reliable sealing performance.

Applications: Suitable for use for use as a general valve and pump packing within many industries including chemical plant and chemical processing, petrochemical plants, power stations, refineries and boiler houses.


Product Code Size (mm²) Length (mtrs)
K44-3.2 3.2 8
K44-5 5 8
K44-6.5 6.5 8
K44-8 8 8
K44-9.5 9.5 8
K44-11 11 8
K44-12.5 12.5 8
K44-14 14 8
K44-16 16 8
K44-17.5 17.5 8
K44-19 19 8
K44-20.5 20.5 8
K44-22 22 8
K44-23.5 23.5 8
K44-25 25 8

Technical Specification:

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