Silicone Sponge Cord

Silicone Sponge Cord

Silicone sponge cord is manufactured from a high quality, closed cell sponge that provides a broad operating temperature and offers excellent electrical insulation properties. It is easy to compress and manipulate and can be vulcanised using RTV silicone adhesive to create an effective water tight seal. The material displays good thermal stability and provides excellent resistance to ultraviolet light and weathering, making it suitable for long term use in external environments.

Silicone sponge cord is also commonly used in sealing applications that require resistance to elevated temperatures or in electrical enclosures. At PAR, we supply silicone sponge cord in a range of options such as FDA approved, metal detectable and FAR 25.853 flame retardant.

Our standard 16lb grade is available to purchase online at PAR Direct in a range of standard diameters and lengths. If you require a diameter or grade that isn't available for online purchase, please click the 'enquire now' button at the top of the page stating our product code and the amount needed.

Key Features of Silicone Sponge Cord

  • Density (lb/ft³): 16 (as standard), 23 (FDA grade). 10, 24 and 33 available upon request.
  • Temperature: -50°C up to +200°C.
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties.
  • Retains its compressibility over a wide temperature range.


Colour: White (as standard)
Length (mtrs): Various depending on diameter. Subject to minimum order quantities.
Technical Specification:

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