Acetal Sheet - Blue Food Quality

Acetal Sheet - Blue Food Quality

Food Approved Product


Acetal sheet - blue food quality contains similar properties to Acetal Sheet. It is blue in colour making it popular for use in the food, drink and pharmaceutical sector.

Temperature: -50°C to +100°C (+140°C short term).

Key Features: Good sliding properties and very good electrical insulation properties. It is easily machined and has a high resistance to wear, low water absorption, excellent impact resistance and mechanical strength.

Applications: Machined parts, friction bearings, gears, tool supports, housing parts, rollers, friction strips, plugs, insulators, agitators, kneading elements and seals.


Also available: Acetal Rod - Blue Food Quality.

Sheet Size (mm)   Sheet Thickness (mm)
- 10 16 20 25 35 50 70 100
3000 x 610 - * * * * * - -
1000 x 610 * * * * * * * *

*Denotes standard sheet availability.

Note: Other sheet sizes/thicknesses may be available - please enquire.

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