Acetal Sheet

Acetal Sheet 

Acetal sheet (polyoxymethylene copolymer), commonly referred to as POM-C, is a strong, rigid semi-crystalline thermoplastic that provides good sliding properties, high mechanical strength and excellent resistance to impact and wear. It performs well against most dilute acids, solvents and cleaning agents and is suitable for food contact applications due to its compliance with EC and FDA regulations. The polymer is also dimensionally stable and is highly resistant to hydrolysis, making it ideal for use in demanding applications or in submerged environments.

Due to the aforementioned characteristics, along with the materials ease of machinability, acetal is a popular choice when manufacturing components that require a hard wearing, smooth finish. We frequently convert POM-C into parts such as friction bearings, gears, tool supports, housing parts, friction strips, agitators, kneading elements and seals utilising in-house CNC machinery. Due to the material having relatively high release properties, bonding is not recommended.

In comparison to acetal homopolymer, POM-C provides enhanced resistance to chemicals and offers lower co-efficient of friction, but it is less dense than POM-H and is therefore not as hard wearing. Acetal copolymer also has a lower operating temperature and melting point than acetal homopolymer.

Natural and black acetal sheet is available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above. For bespoke components, or cut to size pieces, please contact our technical sales team by clicking the 'Enquire Now' button above. We also offer POM-C in metal detectable or blue food quality variations if required.

Properties of Acetal Sheet (POM-C)

  • Temperature: -50°C up to +100°C.
  • Good resistance to chemicals and solvents.
  • Excellent resistance to impact and wear.
  • Good electrical insulation properties.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Low moisture absorption.
  • Good sliding properties.
  • High thermal stability.
  • Easily machined.
  • Food approved.


  • Complies with EC No 1953/2004 and EC No 10/2011 for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.
  • Natural acetal complies with the compositional requirements of FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2470, but not for food applications involving more than 15% alcohol.
  • Black acetal conforms with FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3297 'colourants for polymers'.


Also available: Acetal Rod and Acetal Tube.

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