AFWO - Work Anti-Fatigue Matting

AFWO - Work Anti-Fatigue Matting  

AFWO - work anti-fatigue matting is a very popular duckboard type rubber mat designed for wet or dry areas. It has chamfered edges to prevent a trip hazard and a honeycomb design to allow liquids to disperse quickly. Grease resistant red mats are also available and are popular for food service applications. AFWO - work anti-fatigue matting are available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.

Key Features

  • Excellent wear resistance,
  • Very good slip resistance.
  • Very good anti-fatigue properties.


Product Code

Product Code
(Red - Grease Resistant)
- AFWO-GR-1500X900 1.50 x 0.90 15.0 16
AFWO-1500X914* - 1.50 x 0.91 12.5 13
AFWO-2970X910 AFWO-GR-2970X910 2.97 x 0.91 13.0 22
AFWO-5940X910 AFWO-GR-5940X910 5.94 x 0.91



*AFWO-1500X914 is supplied as standard.

Note: Red mats are grease resistant.

Technical Specification: