Exhaust Wrap

Exhaust Wrap

Exhaust wrap is engineered using advanced aerospace-grade yarns derived from volcanic lava fibres, known for their exceptional heat-resistant properties. It offers comprehensive thermal insulation coverage for exhaust components through a meticulously designed weave pattern. By effectively mitigating the cooling of exhaust tubes, the wrap plays a vital role in sustaining higher temperatures within the exhaust gases. This, in turn, facilitates the rapid expulsion of exhaust gases, creating space for the circulation of cleaner air.

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Applied in high temperatures areas. Used to protect heat of engine exhaust manifolds, reduce engine room temperature and protect pipe or power lines.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +560°C (+700°C intermittent).
  • Excellent thermal coverage with a smooth carbon fibre look.
  • Excellent manifold wrap with no need for high temperature silicone sealing sprays.


Product Code Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (mtrs)
EW10 50 1.5 10
EW20 50 1.5 20
EW30 50 1.5 30
Technical Specification:

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