Exhaust Wrap

Exhaust Wrap



Exhaust wrap is engineered from aerospace grade yarns which are manufactured from volcanic lava fibres. The specialist weave construction ensures excellent thermal coverage. Exhaust wrap is used to prevent exhaust tubes from cooling down, therefore maintaining the exhaust gases at a higher temperature. This causes exhaust gases to be expulsed more quickly, leaving room for clearer air.

Temperature: Up to +980°C (+1370°C radiant heat).

Key Features: Excellent thermal coverage with a smooth carbon fibre look. Excellent manifold wrap with no need for high temperature silicone sealing sprays.


Product Code Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (mtrs)
EW10 50 1.5 10
EW20 50 1.5 20
EW30 50 1.5 30

Technical Specification:

Material Safety Data Sheet

Installation Guidelines

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