Graphite Coated Glass Cloth

Graphite Coated Glass Cloth

Graphite coated glass cloth is constructed with a glass fibre fabric which is coated on both sides with a graphite solution. The graphite coating will increase the fabric's resistance to temperature and abrasion and can improve performance where flexing is required. It is commonly used in the manufacture of welding curtains/covers, heat shields, sleeves, connectors and insulation jackets. 

Graphite coated glass cloth can be supplied cut to size, by the roll, or manufactured to suit your bespoke requirements. It is also available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +600°C.
  • Excellent heat resistance.
  • Good abrasion and release properties.


Product Code Roll Length (mtrs) Roll Width (mtrs) Thickness (mm)
GGCBK-1M-1.3 25 1 1.3
Note: Other thicknesses available upon request, please enquire.
Technical Specification: