Refractory Coated Glass Cloth

Refractory Coated Glass Cloth

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Refractory coated glass cloth is a durable coated glass cloth commonly used for welding blankets and for the inner lining on high temperature connectors. It is vermiculite treated on both sides making it suitable for very high temperature applications.

Temperature: Up to +1000°C*

Applications: Welding blankets, high temperature connectors, sleeves, compensators and foundry applications.


Colour: Golden / Beige (both sides).
Roll Size (mtrs): 25 x 1.0
Thickness (mm): 1.3

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

*The treatment allows the cloth to withstand temperatures up to +1000°C, after exposure to such a temperature the cloth will have embrittled locally. The mineral base aqueous dispersion treatment provides a coating of platelets which at high temperatures meld to protect the glass fibres from a direct heat source. The cloth will hold molten metal at temperatures up to +1000°C long enough for it to cool and solidify.