Supplying the Motorsports Industry

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The motorsports industry is dynamic, with precision, speed, and innovation of utmost importance. Racing circuits, multinational organisations, research and development departments and mechanical shops demand cutting-edge solutions. 

PAR Group play an important role in this fast-paced environment by manufacturing specialised products that elevate performance and efficiency. 

The industry has a rich history in global sports, with events occurring annually in many countries and differences in vehicles. Historic racing events date as far back as the early 1880s, with speeds being recorded at around 15 mph. However, modern racing is known to date as far back as the 1900s, with James Gordon Bennett, owner of The New York Herald, offering a trophy for national automobile clubs that race three cars, each made of parts from the respective countries. This became the start of events that led to the first French Grand Prix Race being created, the difference being that cars were raced in teams made by manufacturers. By the end of World War I, racing cars were too complex for production cars and required high-performance models to be fitted with specialist equipment.

As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and converter of engineering plastics, insulation, and rubber products in the UK, we're proud to be a trusted supplier to the high-performance motorsports industry. Our expertise caters to the manufacturing, engineering, maintenance and research and development stages. 

You can browse some products we supply to the motorsports industry on our PAR Group site here or look at the options available on our e-commerce site PAR Direct here. Alternatively, our whole range of market sector pages can be found here.

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