The Rochdale Business Awards 2023 - Apprentice Employer of the Year

The Rochdale Business Awards were established ten years ago, and they aim to recognise and celebrate the achievements of local businesses. Each year, they have a growing list of categories that businesses can be chosen as the winner of. This year, there are eight categories. These include:

  • Sustainable Environmental Business of the Year
  • Business of the Year (Turnover +£5m)
  • Business of the Year (Turnover £1m -£5m)
  • New Business of the Year
  • Business Person of the Year
  • Apprentice of the Year
  • and Apprentice Employer of the Year

PAR Group are proud to have been chosen as a finalist in the category for 'Apprentice Employer' of the Year, along with two other companies. This award is sponsored by Rochdale Training.

Apprenticeship schemes are available in England if you are over 16, live in England and aren't in full-time education. It allows individuals to gain specific job-related skills and earn a living wage while having the opportunity to gain formal qualifications.

At PAR Group, we are very proud of our apprentices and mentors in the workplace. We want to ensure that any apprentice working at the company feels supported and has the chance to develop any skills that are relevant to what they are learning. It doesn't just benefit the individual, but the team benefits from having them around.

Here is what our apprentices had to say about life at PAR Group: 

"The support from all the staff at PAR is superb. They have made me feel welcome, and I am learning every day." - Tayabb.

"Everyone is so friendly and down to earth. We all work hard, and I have learned so much. When we make a mistake, Marcus or Daniel will ask me to work out why" - Jess.

"We are treated like adults, and PAR expects us to work to the same standards as every other employee. The support and encouragement is great" - Tyler.

"PAR is a great place to work. I am learning every day." - Niall.