Concertina Bellows

Concertina Bellows

Concertina bellows offer protection for many applications, and are designed to prevent the ingress of abrasive dust, dirt and other contaminants in precision machine parts. This can help reduce wear and loss of vital machine accuracy. PAR Group can manufacture concertina bellows in a wide range of fabrics stitched and/or welded to suit your requirements.

Temperature: -150°C to +280°C (depending on material type).

Applications: Protection of shafts and machine slideways from swarf, rust, dirt, product and weld splatter.


Size: Made to order, please enquire. We have instructions on how to measure a bellow to aid the process.
Thickness (mm) Temperature (°C) Key Features
Neoprene Coated Polyester 0.5, 0.71, 1 -20°C to +100°C -
Nitrile Coated Glass Cloth - -30°C to 115°C Good Resistance to oils and gasolines.
Polyurethane Coated Polyester - Up to +120°C Nylon fabric with an abrasive resistant. Polyurethane coating both sides.
EPDM Coated
Glass Cloth
0.7 -30 to +130 Good resistance to weather, oils, solvents, acids and alkalis.
PVC Coated
0.45 -20 to +60 Tough, flexible materials with good resistance to abrasion and weather.
Silicone Coated
Glass Cloth
0.45, 0.6, 1, 1.6 -50 to +240 Flexible high temperature cloth with either a single or double sided coating.
Neoprene Coated
Glass Cloth
0.45 -30 to +100 General purpose grade with good resistance to ageing and weather.
Viton® Coated
Glass Cloth
0.71 -20 to +250 Very good resistance to oils and solvents. Good resistance to alkalis, dilute acids and concentrated acids.
Hypalon Coated
Glass Cloth
0.5 -20 to +135 Excellent resistance to weather. Good resistance to oils, solvents, alkalis, dilute acids and concentrated acids.
Aluminium Coated Glass Cloth 0.7 Up to +150

Good heat reflective properties and good resistance to solvents and corrosive liquids.

Graphite Coated
Glass Cloth
1.3 Up to +400 Excellent heat resistance, good abrasion and release properties.
Silkev® Silicone Coated Aramid Fibre 1.8 Up to +180 Excellent base fabric durability with a high temperature, non-stick, food approved white silicone coating.
Polyester Fabric (Terylene) TBC Up to +150 Good resistance to stretching, shrinking, wrinkling and abrasion. It is also easily washed and quick drying.

Note: Please see the industrial fabrics page for our full range of materials available.

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