UHMW Parcel Slide

UHMW Parcel Slide

UHMW Parcel Slide has been designed to aid the movement of boxes and parcels along conveyors and chutes within the distribution industry. The material is modified with special dry additives for amplified coefficient of friction and improved anti-static properties. When installed onto existing chutes and slides, it allows packages to slide effortlessly in gravity flow applications due to the materials enhanced surface lubricity, even when wrapped in plastic packaging (shrink-wrap).

Retaining the key characteristics of standard polyethylene PE1000 grades, Parcel Slide offers excellent resistance to corrosion, chemicals and wear, is self-lubricating and will not absorb moisture. Available in a range of standard sheet sizes and thicknesses, this material can also be machined into a wide range of plastic components utilising in-house CNC machining technology.


Chute and conveyor linings in distribution centres and parcel handling applications. Parcel Slide can be machined into chain guides, wear strips, guide rails, transfer plates, slides and chute and hopper liners.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -50°C up to +80°C (+120°C short term). 
  • Offers enhanced coefficient of friction over standard Polyethylene PE1000 grades.
  • Excellent at conveying products in dusty environments.
  • Does not mark packaging.
  • Allows products to flow freely, helping to alleviate parcels jamming.
  • Does not absorb moisture and is corrosion-resistant.
  • Self-lubricating and reduces noise.
  • Excellent resistance to wear and chemicals.
  • Helps to dissipate static build up.
  • UV stabilised.


Technical Specification:

Examples of UHMW Parcel Slide Applications

UHMW Parcel Slide