Polyethylene PE1000 Rod - UHMW

Polyethylene PE1000 Rod - UHMW

Polyethylene PE1000 rod - UHMW offers a higher wear resistance and impact strength compared to HDPE. It is extremely strong with excellent wear resistance due to a very low coefficient of friction. It also has excellent chemical resistance and very low moisture absorption. Polyethylene PE1000 Rod is available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.


Machined components and hinges.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Natural, Black and Green Colour: -250°C up to +80°C.
  • Temperature: Blue Colour: -200°C up to +80°C (+120°C short term).
  • Excellent wear resistance properties.
  • Easily machined, fabricated and welded.
  • FDA approved in natural.
  • Black is UV stabilised.


The pigment in the black and green rod has been tested and is FDA approved, however, this has been tested separately to the rod raw material and not as a complete rod. On this basis, the green and black rod as a finished item can not be classed as FDA approved, though all materials included are individually FDA approved. See food contact info below.
Please Note: Other diameters, including 10mm, 12.7mm, 15mm, 250mm, and 300mm are available upon request. UHMW electrically conductive polyethylene PE1000 rod can also be manufactured to order, please enquire.
Note: If a specific colour of material is required, please state this in writing at the point of enquiry.
Technical Specification: