FIREFLY Millboard

FIREFLY Millboard

FIREFLY Millboard is a range of high quality non asbestos and non-ceramic fibre millboard sheets for high temperature applications. FIREFLY Millboard is available in three different grades: FF700, FF800 and FF900.


Thermal insulation applications including roll coverings, heat shields, mould seals, gaskets, seals, domestic appliances, sacrificial linings. Each grade has specific applications listed below.

FF700: Heat shields in molten metal casting, gasketing in domestic appliances, sacrificial linings in primary aluminium melting pots (most common grade). 

FF800: Roll coverings for lehr rolls in float and flat glass processing.

FF900: Mould seals in spin casting of metal tubes and valves.

Key Features

  • Temperature: up to +1000°C.
  • Strong and rigid.
  • Low thermal conductivity (K value which is less than 0.1 W/mK).


Product Code
Product Code


Product Code

Sheet Size
Sheet Thickness
Sheets Per
FF700-1X1-1.5 FF800-1X1-1.5 FF900-1X1-1.5 1000 x 1000 1.5 65
FF700-1X1-2 FF800-1X1-2 FF900-1X1-2 1000 x 1000 2 56
FF700-1X1-2.5 FF800-1X1-2.5 FF900-1X1-2.5 1000 x 1000 2.5 44
FF700-1X1-3* FF800-1X1-3 FF900-1X1-3 1000 x 1000 3 37
FF700-1X1-4 FF800-1X1-4 FF900-1X1-4 1000 x 1000 4 28
FF700-1X1-5* FF800-1X1-5 FF900-1X1-5 1000 x 1000 5 22
FF700-1X1-6* FF800-1X1-6 FF900-1X1-6 1000 x 1000 6 18
FF700-1X1-8 FF800-1X1-8 FF900-1X1-8 1000 x 1000 8 14
FF700-1X1-10* FF800-1X1-10 FF900-1X1-10 1000 x 1000 10 11
FF700-1X1-12 - FF900-1X1-12 1000 x 1000 12 9

*Standard stocked sizes available.

Note: We also offer a full machining service, please contact us for details.

Please enquire if you require quantites less than a full box.

Technical Specification:

Alternative Products - BARLAN® and Millboard BM1000

We also offer BARLAN® and Millboard BM100 as alternatives to FIREFLY Millboard.

Technical Specification:

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